Entrepreneurial engineering

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NB: All classes are in English.

Do you want to make a difference as an innovator?

Companies and other private and public organisations must be able to create value in the global business world. Therefore, the ability to create and develop business is one of the key competences in new companies, in large well-established private organisations, as well as in small and medium-sized companies, and in the public sector’s knowledge and service organisations. Studying Entrepreneurial Engineering, you will be well-equipped to enter the business world and make a difference.


Technical competences and business savvy

The Entrepreneurial Engineering programme develops mind-set and skills that enable you to create and realise new value for people and organisations. You and your fellow students will bring different – mostly - technical competences into the programme, and the purpose is to creatively combine these technical competences with business savvy in order to create new value. With a foothold in your technical background, you will learn to generate, develop and realize ideas. From idea to reality - from thought to action.

Business creation and business development competences are keys to the global business arena of the future. Furthermore, it is a requisite for a range of organisations, from large private and public companies to small and medium-sized companies, start-up companies, as well as public service and knowledge-based organisations. Through the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurial Engineering, you have the opportunity to acquire the tools, methods, knowledge of processes, as well as an organisational and managerial understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship that will allow you to make a difference.


How is Entrepreneurial Engineering different?

Entrepreneurial Engineering is a new study programme designed by an interdisciplinary team of dedicated people from some of the most innovative and creative environments at Aalborg University when it comes to business innovation:

From the Faculty of Engineering and Science:

  • Industrial Design
  • Centre for Industrial Production
  • Research Centre for Socio-Interactive Design
  • Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University

From the Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • The Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application
  • Centre for Research Excellence in Business Models

From the Faculty of Humanities:

  • Centre for Interactive Digital Media


Establish your own business

The Master of Science and Technology (Entrepreneurial Engineering) is a full-time Master’s degree at the same academic level as for example Master of Science in Engineering. However, the students in this particular programme often have a more diverse background, which creates a dynamic environment. Carrying out this programme requires that you are skilled, exploratory and prepared to take initiatives on your own.



Aalborg University is rated for excellence in the QS-ranking system. Aalborg University has received five stars certifying the world-class position of the university based on cutting-edge facilities and internationally renowned research and teaching faculty. Within Engineering and Technology, Aalborg University ranks as number 79 in the world in the QS-system. Likewise, in the Shanghai Ranking system, Aalborg University's engineering and technology programmes are ranked among the top 100 in the world.

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